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The Rock Johnson an actor with a worldwide reputation. TOP accounts with the largest number of subscribers in the Russian Federation th place. Kendall Jenner million. The most popular accounts of Russian bloggers Nastya Ivleeva st place Huseyn Gasanov nd place th place. Kylie Jenner million Top popular Instagram profiles by followers in Russia Khabib Nurmagomedov st place Olga Buzova nd place Ksenia Borodina rd place Timati th place Pavel Volya th place The most popular Instagram accounts in the world – Instagram Subscribers million It may come as a surprise, but the lead in followers on Instagram does not belong to a specific person.

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With a noticeable lag behind the rest, it is held by the official page of the developers of the social network, where beautiful and unusual photos, important Kuwait Mobile Number List announcements and portraits of famous users of the service appear from time to time. Cristiano Ronaldo Subscribers million. Who is the most followed on Instagram, apart from the service itself? The person with the record number of followers is Cristiano Ronaldo. This is one of the best football players of our time, the owner of several “golden balls” and just a hot handsome man.

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So it’s no wonder that hundreds of millions of users come to see his photos. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Subscribers million Dwayne Johnson, whose nickname “The Rock” is firmly attached to his wrestling days, is considered to be the highest paid Hollywood actor. Charisma from the Rock is so big that it has arguably the coolest profile of any List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers celebrity that is really fun to look at. Now million people are doing it. Ariana Grande Subscribers million At years old, American singer Ariana Grande has achieved a lot. Get a Grammy Award, act in several films and become a successful producer. And, of course, promote one of the most popular Instagram accounts.

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