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Availability in the database of more than models of various subjects. To make the site work, simply replace the images and text; All templates are responsive and look great on any mobile device; The TOBIZ constructor is in Russian, and its functionality is so simple that any beginner can understand it, even if he has no experience with constructors. For advanc users, you can insert your own HTML code into the page. Additional features The cost of hosting is includ in the cost of living; Free trial period with manufacturer access for days; integration with analytics services, social networks, postal services, payment systems ecommerce.

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All TOBIZ features are available on the Prices and Tariffs page. Available functionality will vary depending on the chosen tariff. Of course, a higher bid allows you to use all the skills of a designer. The minimum cost of the tariff is rubles per month Thailand Mobile Number List the maximum is rubles. Discounts are valid for imm iate payment for a period of three months or one year. Agree, the prices are quite affordable. prices from the manufacturer Tobiz What sites can be creat on TOBIZ The functionality of the Tubiz builder is not limit to just creating a landing page.

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On its platform you can create websites with different functionality. This Blog; Internet shops; Product catalogs; Wallet; landing page; Business card sites; Special projects; Longrid. You can create both singlepage and multipage sites. With the help List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers of adding and removing pages, you can turn one page into a multipage and vice versa. Training base The great advantage of this resource is the availability of a training base. This is a fullfl g course, after studying which you can easily create absolutely any website. The course does not ne to be download a link to it can be found in the menu at the top of the main page.

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