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They are generally those teachers with whom many experiences have been shared and are very present to the students for their advice. You can also commemorate a teacher who, due to some misfortune, dies and the students wish to remember his name by immortalizing him.Do you want to have books on hand to read in the comfort of your cell phone, laptop or tablet? Well, today we will give you the necessary tools to access the works of your choice completely free of charge. As is well known, a virtual library is the collection of various publications that you can access by connecting to different web pages. In this note we will give you a list of sites that you will access for free so that you can read from the comfort of your home, on the way to work or school, and you can store them on your devices.

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National library of peru this virtual repository of the national library of peru is a resource that will allow you to borrow some books digitally, as well as audiobooks, easily. To do this you business email list must register by entering your email, id or immigration card and your date of birth. Once you have your username, you can borrow 1 or 2 books within a period of up to 14 days. If you finish reading it before the indicat date, return it so that other people have the opportunity to purchase it.

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Virtual-Libraries-BNP Find more than 5,500 that the Digital Public Library has with itions on literature, social sciences, art, exact sciences and children’s and youth literature. Visit it at the following link . You can also find the app on Play Store and App Store. UNIVERSITY VIRTUAL LIBRARIES These repositories are mainly us to search for thesis works , publications and articles by professors, students or researchers List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers from different universities; however, they can also be us to find different books. Below, learn about the virtual library options we have put together for you: itorial Fund of the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) Discover more than 357 digital books that the Dean of America has for the entire public.

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