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It is common that when we do an analysis of our KPIs through. Data studio or locker studio to share it with our clients, we want to have the information captur in a way that allows comparisons. For example, if the end customer sees a sale on January , we do not report it on the th, but also on the th However, due to Google Ads’ own attribution models, this is traditionally quite complex By default, in the conversions and all conversions columns, Google will attribute conversions to the moment of click, which will not necessarily match the moment of conversion.

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In order to make a more accurate validation and to be able to verify the affinity and veracity of the Google Ads data with respect to the business’s own data, it is much more significant to study the conversions by moment of conversion Taking into Denmark Cell Phone Number List account that most of the data that we report to the client is visualiz in Datastudio, it is important that we can bring all those metrics to this platform How to see the conversion metrics by conversion moment in Datastudio? In general, this is information that Google’s native connectors do not allow to extract.

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Although it is a type of data that is visible in Google Ads and that we can even use to make custom columns so why doesn’t it show up in Datastudio Locker Studio? Although, as we have already seen, they are very useful metrics, they are also somewhat complex to understand, and this means that they are often forgotten, not work with, or even includ List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers in our digital marketing reports The solution is Dataslayer The Dataslayer connectors do allow extracting the conversion information by conversion moment, both directly to Google Datastudio and to Google Spreadsheet, so that this information becomes directly accessible.

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