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Dynamic cover size Product cover size Horizontal cover. Smize by pixels PC cover size Card Product. Singe by Menu sizes Snippet. Size by The side is big. By Cover for VK community Article cover dimensions Promo post with a button. Sigle by Story Sizes Group avatar. Size by pixels The sidewall is small. Size by Button entry size The correct dimensions of Ava VK As a rule, no matter where the avatar is adde, its size is not limite, so the image can be uploade without any pre processing.

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In this case, the following proportions are nothing more than a recommendation base on the markup characteristics of the social networking site. Option Profile picture Given the above, as a profile photo, you can add absolutely any image that UK Mobile Number List does not violate the general rules of VKontakte. Very often, personal photos are use, which allow other people to easily identify you and make it easier to search the Internet. In order for the page to display a square image exactly identical to the preview without the photo, the aspect ratio must be at least pixels.

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An example of a standard square VKontakte avatar The ideal option is a size one and a half to two times the norm. For example, you can upload a photo with any uniform aspect ratio, after which it will be automatically compresse to the desire scale. An example of a square VKontakte profile photo Users often use a vertical photo that automatically List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers expands other markups on the page. In this case, the maximum size is × pixels. At the same time, the rule mentione above with an increase in the length and width of the image is also relevant here, but adjuste for the aspect ratio, similar to. An example of a vertical profile for a VKontakte avatar For a vertical image, the minimum size is limite by the width of the photo.

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