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There is not in this case. Millennials are the largest living generation in the world. Born in times of dynamic development of new technologies, they are well acquaint with it and constitute the main purchasing power of the Internet. Research also shows that Millennials are the most ucat generation in history a significant percentage of people born in the s and s have a university degree. As a generation that grew up in a time when technology was already an integral part of their daily lives. They are well acquaint with it.

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They are also more likely to use mobile devices and social. Mica to meet their information and communication nes, while limiting their TV use. They are also more mobile. They change their job not only for financial reasons and place of residence more often than generation X. At the same time, they are a financially conscious generation. Some Algeria Mobile Number List millennials felt the effects of the crisis firsthand, which is why they approach expenses rationally, also trying to save for the future. Generation Y reach channels Millennials are a group of consumers who spend a significant part of their day online.

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They are happy to use social mia, which is not only a source of entertainment, but also a channel for accessing current information from the world. Social mia millennials most often choose YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, spending about hours a day on them. They show a high level of trust towards the content publish there, rarely verifying List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers the cribility of the information publish there. They are very eager to interact with brands using social mia. E commerce representatives of the Y generation love to shop online over % of them do so. millennials. According to research, they are more likely to buy new things online than in brick and mortar stores, paying attention primarily to the convenience and availability of this distribution channel.

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