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Other projects include Tooligram and Tokker promotion services, the GetComment platform, Just a Podcast on Youtube, and the Transformation of Reality marathon. Alexander has more than thousand followers on Instagram. Teachers In addition to Alexander himself, the creator of the Instagram information portal naoblakax ru Elena Piskareva, the organizer of the lotteries Olga Berek, Instagram visual design expert Margo Tikhonova, Tooligram marketing director Ivan Andronov and Tooligram targetologist Alexander Vdovenko give lectures. Price From ru Many discounts. What if I want a course on maintaining and promoting Instagram for free? I find it very counterproductive to recommend free courses.

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Firstly, they are easy to find on the Internet in any specialized aggregator, for example, in InfoHit itself. And secondly, if the course is free, a priori or outdated, or the value of knowledge in it tends to zero. I see no point in messing with such training. In this case, your best bet is to search the Internet for a selection of the latest articles on topics that interest Luxembourg Mobile Number List you and study them. Believe me, it often happens that the cost of such items is many times higher than even paid education. Instablog how to create a popular Instagram blog Who is it for? Novice bloggers, smm specialists and entrepreneurs.

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What will you know? How to manage company profiles and statistics, create photos and videos for your blog. What publications to write, why to hold SFS and competitions. Fundamentals of targeted advertising and myths about Instagram. How is the training organized? blocks of home video lessons. Course creators. Hello blogger agency. Teachers List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers Development Director of SMMplanner and SMM Big Russian Boss Show Pavel Borisov, photographer Irina Gaiduk. Price rubles boyechik Who is it for? Aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs. What will you know? How to create content for Instagram, design marketing ad layouts, and set up targeted ads. Develop a blogging concept, work with statistics, attract the target audience.

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