Will artificial intelligence be able to buy for us?

If you have read any of my articles on artificial intelligence and more specifically on generative artificial intelligence (ChatGP.  Bard and similar), you already know that it is something that I find spectacular. But I think there is still time for this technology to start providing real value and much more for it to start changing things. So that you.  Can think about the time left for this to happen, in addition to looking at Gartner’s artificial intelligence adoption curve , I leave you with this approach: If we have not yet assumed or understood the use of cookies.  Do you think we are ready to incorporate artificial intelligence into our daily lives. Can you imagine an . SME incorporating AI into its processes? It is one thing that it can . Do things that until recently were unthinkable (still with a relative or rather low quality).  And quite another that we incorporate it into our daily lives.

The fact that there are consultants or agencies that give

Nor that we should incorporate them into our processes. We are still playing with technology and learning. In this sense, I really like Ben Evans’ phrase: “ The future can take a long time . ” This article provides data on the speed of adoption of new technologies How many companies do you think have incorporated the ‘cloud’ into their work processes in the . USA? It is a technology that seems almost outdated to us, right? Well look at the data . It also delves into the future consequences of the creation/destruction of jobs, and what has been happening for 200 years. the contribution industry email list of AI could consist of.  Carrying out the product comparison for you and suggesting the most suitable one (even based on data that you do not have present or of which you are not aware).

How will we apply artificial intelligence to the purchasing process?

But as I have said more than once, we have to train now to be ready when it really comes to . Our daily lives. In this sense. I really like Jeremiah.  Owyang ‘s reflection on the role that generative artificial intelligence could have in the purchasing process. The basic approach is that artificial intelligence will be able to guide us in the sales process in a proactive way. Let’s see what he means. Artificial intelligence and purchase funnel Jeremiah . Owyang Artificial intelligence in the purchase funnel Knowledge : the expected future of AI is that based on our data it understands what we need and anticipates our needs. Now we can ask. ChatGPT for suggestions on choosing the best running List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers shoes, but what would happen if the . AI ​​knew when we were going to need them and suggested the most suitable model for us based on our data. Purchase consideration. If we are in the next phase,

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