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Instagram Khabib Nurmagomedov Ninth place Neymar World football star, captain of the Brazilian national team, -year-old handsome Neymar devotes his microblog exclusively to sports. It moved up one spot from number, adding. million followers in the last three months alone. Well, no wonder, because at the World Cup, Neymar scored two goals against Belgium, losing to them in the quarterfinals. Neymar Who has the most followers on Instagram Golden Ten am current year Despite unfulfilled dreams of taking his team to the final, Neymar gained popularity and earned the respect of the fans.

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According to him, he very hard survived the defeat from the Belgians and, above all, the criticism that fell upon him after that decisive match. However, the fact that Neymar once again became the captain of the national team speaks of his strong will and Malta Mobile Number List unshakable leadership qualities. Last in the top five Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian An influential figure in show business, the American singer Beyoncé has an army of subscribers of million. The -year-old star “descended” here from fourth place. Sensual singer and dancer, mother of three, winner of numerous Grammy awards, Beyoncé has earned her army of fans and a place in the TOP. Bejons Who has the most followers on.

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Instagram Golden Ten am current year In September, the number of followers of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé matched million. Over the past three years, actress and socialite Kim Kardashian has seen her ratings drop or skyrocket. From seventh List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers place in, he moved up two spots to become one of the top five most followed Instar accounts in the world in. Kim Who has the most followers on Instagram Golden Ten am current year The American reality TV star with Armenian roots never ceases to delight million followers of his Instagram with spontaneous photos. Previously, th place in the standings was occupied by Kaylie Jenner.

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