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Check technical errors on the website, work more effectively on the content or make more accurate decisions in the selection of keywords. One of them is definitely Google Search Console, which, next to Google Analytics, should be a mandatory tool when working on improving the visibility of the website in the search engine. Google Search Console GSC is primarily a free and available to everyone tool that allows website owners to monitor and optimize their presence in the Google search engine. However, to access website data from GSC, you must go through a verification process.

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There are two main methods to verify your property in Google Search Console. You can carry it out by domain, by URL prefix. Let’s go through the simple process of configuring the tool. Log in using your address in the Google domain if Albania Phone Numbers List you don’t have a Gmail account, you can always set it up completely free of charge ispvn.png. After logging in, you will receive a message with two verification options by domain and URL prefix A v.png When choosing the method by domain, enter the name of the domain you want to verify.

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Then go to your hosting panel to add the indicate tag in the HEAD section. In the last step in Google Search Console, select Verify. Google will automatically search your site to confirm your verification. When choosing the second verification option by prefix enter the full address of your website. Then download the HTML file that will verify List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers access or add the HTML meta tag to the head section of your page. Importantly, Google provides several ways to verify this way, i.e. through the above mention HTML file, tag, as well as through separate tools, such as Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics. Positioning of key phrases In SEO, keywords are both single phrases and more complex.

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