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Them a name and downloading them. Create dashboards in Google Merchant. In the section of your reports control panel we can create small dashboards with the same variables as before Google. Merchant Reports. You can include results cards with click spark lines, CTR impressions among others, filtering. Them by date and previously create reports. Thus we can have an orderly and summarize vision of the results. In short, these reports provide us with a multitude of data that we can analyze and thus see the evolution of our shopping ads and free tokens.

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With this we can draw conclusions about new trends to optimize our Google Ads campaigns Would you like to learn more about Google Merchant Center? We leave you an article that may interest you about the basic fe rules in Merchant Center that will help you resolve the various errors that are generate and semantically enrich the different attributes China Mobile Number List that we send If you ne help creating your campaigns in Google Ads you can count on us You can find us on LinkIn or through the contact form We will be happy to help you Conversions by Moment of Conversion in Data studio with Data layer.

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Table of Contents Why are we interest in seeing conversions by conversion time in Data studio? How to see the conversion metrics by conversion moment in Data studio? The solution is Data layer Other metrics that we can get thanks to Data layer Still don’t know how to configure your reports? Have you ever tri to see your conversions by conversion List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers time in Data studio? Normally this claim has two possible results despair and give up or get frustrat and give it up for lost Although now, with Data layer we see light at the end of the tunnel Why are we interest in seeing conversions by conversion time in Data studio.

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