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Deals and Price Drops Report Google Shopping and free tokens. In addition to these two reports seen previously, there are the same ones but for the free chips. They have the same variables, segments and filters to choose from as above. Currently the difference that exists between the volume of paid traffic and free tokens is abysmal. It must be taken into account that more and more are shown and are becoming more important. Therefore, as an account manager we must analyze. Them and have them well configur, since it is a way for a lot of organic traffic to enter.

Which We All Know Is Not An Easy

The web online store and that can become an increase in the volume of sales of the online business Create custom reports in Google Merchant. To create our own performance reports in Google. Merchant we must go to the performance section your reports click on the symbol As you can see in the image we can select several performance metrics and product Canada Mobile Number List attributes to analyze the data. In the example below, we see the clicks. CTR and impressions per day depending on whether they come from shopping ads or free tokens selecting the program variable Thus, we can analyze the evolution of each one of them on a daily basis.

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Task The Origin Of The Data

There are also some metrics in beta version that are Assist Clicks The total number of clicks receiv by your products in Google Image Search and Rich Results that l to visits to your website Assist Impressions These refer to how often your products have been shown in rich results and Google image search Assist CTRs Express the frequency List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers with which clicks receiv by your products in rich results and Google image searches have generat visits to your website Performance reports on Google Merchant Google Shopping Ads and Free Tokens We can save these reports by giving.

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