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Due to the crawl budget, page elements that take too long to load may be incorrectly index, and the search engine may even abandon scanning, considering your page to be of little value. Page spe and SEO Is it worth paying attention to the spe of the website when positioning it. Definitely, this is one of the important elements that can help promote the site. It is obvious that speing up the page by a second or two will not cover the unfinish content or the lack of basic optimization, but with a well maintain and optimiz page, it can determine the superiority over the competitive page.

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When preparing or ordering an audit of an online store, it is worth making sure that it includes tips on optimizing the website in terms of spe. Page spe assessment tools Well, we’ve convinc you that it’s worth it. It’s time for a hint on how to check the page Bolivia Mobile Number List loading spe and what to look for. Here are some tools that help you analyze your page spe Google PageSpe ​​Insights Google’s most popular free website spe test. Analysis using the PageSpe ​​Insights tool is quite fast depending on the size of the page it may take a few to several seconds and only requires entering the address of the page we want to examine. MQeoG.png Pavese ​​Insights tool.

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After generating the analysis we receive a page spe score for the mobile and desktop versions express on a point scale and an assessment of the page quality according to basic Internet indicators. The new update of the tool allows not only to investigate List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers performance problems, but also to detect errors in website construction or deficiencies in SEO optimization. Evaluation of website performance, accessibility, application of proven methods of website development and optimization. Along with the results, we also receive suggestions for solutions that can help spe up page loading.

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