Being Finnish can be a hindrance

Translate add-on.” Niko: “It’s worth considering that you can translate different sections of the theme into Finnish yourself, so it’s quite possible that the side visible to customers is in Finnish. But the administration itself is in English. You can also participate in the translation of themes and add-ons. So-called using global translations as follows. See the WP guide video on how to participate in the translation .” Finnish WordPress theme. The Finnish flag flutters in the wind. Being Finnish can be a hindrance Niko: “I think it is important to mention in advance that the Finnishness of the theme can also be a slow-down for the following reasons: There are hardly any Finnish-language themes available and the Finnishness itself in the themes can possibly slow down the construction of the site in my opinion.

When you send a picture of a problem

There are a lot of good tutorials for the operation of the different sections of the theme, and these are mainly in English, which Denmark Phone Number List everyone can use in the development of websites. I don’t think you should be afraid of English, because it’s much easierx directly say and show the right places. Thinking about Finnish terms takes more time, and translation errors may occur at some point if the translation in question is not maintained. Divi is a pretty good example here, where as the features have increased, the translations have lagged significantly behind, and in many sections it is not really clear what affects which section. For this reason, problem solving can also be slower than it would normally be.

To learn from a lot of tutorials that


Because x, the theme developer’s support team probably won’t immediately understand where the problem usually List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers occurs. In this way, having the theme in English is a much better thing in my opinion and generally speeds up site building, when you also have access to comprehensive tutorials and documentation. If you need help understanding the different regions/sections in Finnish, you should pop over to the Finnish WPWoof Facebook group and we will help you further.” GeneratePress is available in Finnish Niko: “However, if you absolutely want to choose a translated theme, you should check out GeneratePress, which is 98% translated into Finnish.  is a multi-author credit theme and you will also find many guides for its development.



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