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For fun tests, you can use various quasi psychological types Who are you in a past life, Who are you from cartoon characters and so on it’s a good idea to take the test by asking about the owner of the profile. However, you can only take the test on a friend or mutual friend with their permission. With numbers Questions with numbers for instagram Numeric polls are useful for business accounts. Ask customers to guess the amount of the discount, the number of services or units sold this year, the year the company was founde, and so on.

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The topic with questions about the average age of subscribers is also a good topic for studying the target audience. For informal acquaintance and communication, you can create an exciting quiz, ask, for example, the owner of a single account how many years he has been marrie. Friends will be surprise how they could miss such an event, and new Chile Mobile Number List subscribers will accordingly learn about the marital status of the profile owner. Funny questions for everyone Interesting questions for everyone Such quizzes are necessary for live communication, because laughter and humor always defuse the atmosphere and evoke positive emotions.

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For example the spee of the electric train is km h, in which direction the smoke will fly there is no smoke in the trains how many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach only one how to catch a tiger in a cage tigers are only stripe what is the name List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers of a cow that does not give milk greey beef. You can collect funny questions on any topic it doesn’t hurt to entertain subscribers to business pages. Rate the article Post on Instagram what to write about and how to do it AUTHOR fast v prodigi READING min VIEWS PUBLISH.

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