Tools to take off in professional digital marketing

Understand the strength of agile methodologies in marketing productivity. The lean startup Eric Ries ‘ book shows how entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create extremely successful companies. Ries defines waste as “any activity that does not contribute to learning about customers”. Sprint: The method use at Google to test and apply new ideas in just five days Jake Knapp ‘s work highlights that Sprint is suitable for teams of all sizes, from small startups to the largest conglomerates.

Scrum: The art of doing twice the work in half the time Jeff Sutherland ‘s book talks about the project management method known as Scrum, the most widely use productivity tool among high-tech companies Attitude Justin Herald ‘s work highlights that we all have the potential to succe in life and that the only barrier in our path is our attitude.

Also read 51 tools to take off in professional digital marketing Conclusion There’s nothing like learning digital marketing from someone who has expertise and experience. Don’t fall into the traps of internet gurus who promise miracles. Learn from those who understand and share quality content. Digital agencies need to focus on what they understand, that is, on making client results grow.

To achieve this, it is important that internal processes are functioning correctly, increasing team productivity and the quality of deliveries. The use of recurring payment platforms helps with this strategy and brings benefits to digital agencies, such as: – Cost reduction – Convenience – Financial predictability – Improv customer retention – Reduction of errors.


Increas security Also read How to deal with customer anxiety in digital agencies 7 Recurring Billing Platforms for Marketing Agencies Wings Platform that offers payment methods, billing management, issuing invoices, advance receipt of money and payment of suppliers in one place. Cora Financial services platform with free digital account. As stat on the company’s website, it was design to reduce bureaucracy, eliminate abusive fees and simplify the administration of finances for entrepreneurs. PagSeguro Free customer control and management platform with no monthly fee.

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