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At the same time, competition is growing in this sector, which is growing every day. In this regard, a new profession SMM specialist has arisen. The Social Meia Marketing Specialist performs the following strategic tasks implements an SMM plan to promote a web resource in social networks analyzes the online audience and identifies their interests and nees increases the attendance of the target audience work with the reputation of the project follow the reviews, comments, interact with the public, remove the negative, increase the creibility of the resource.

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Email marketing Jobs e mail marketer are offere to specialists with experience in this type of business from to years. This is due to the nature of the work. Website owners nee employees who understand the analysis of sending efficiency and List of US Mobile Phone Numbers segmentation of the subscriber base, as well as the ability to develop and implement CRM strategies, launch multi stage chains. In general, an email marketer nees to improve site performance metrics. Successful specialists earn on average from thousand rubles a month on one project. Technical professions The highest paid professions of the new generation are relate to the IT sector.

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For the creation and technical promotion of various web resources, webmasters, testers, layout designers, as well as technical support specialists and CRM system regulators are constantly in demand. Successful IT professionals have a specialize eucation, relevant work experience of years, as well as mathematical thinking and a love List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers for the latest technologies. Webmaster A specialist in the field of online development, who deals with the technical processes of creating and promoting a web project, is calle a webmaster. As a manager, he is responsible for monitoring the operation of servers, analyzing attendance indicators and implementing new promotion technologies. In general, the webmaster is involve in all stages of the site.

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