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Conversion measurement will be compromis However, thanks to the improv conversions of Google Ads, a new window opens to pass the conversion information to Google What are Google Ads improv conversions. They are a new measurement paradigm in which in the Google Ads. Conversion tag we can attach, in a cod manner, identifiable user information What information are we referring to? E mail Phone Name. Surnames Address street, city, region, country, zip code Google takes this encrypt information from the user and uses it to compare it with its databases, in order to be able to identify the user who has made the conversion and thus be able to make a more real attribution.

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Example of how Google Ads improv conversions work A user sees a YouTube ad while they have their account open A day later, he looks for our product, finds us and arrives on the web By landing you reject marketing cookies so we can’t measure what else it does Subsequently, a conversion whether it is a purchase, form submission, etc The conversion Phone Number List tag captures the user’s identifiable data Google matches that the user’s identifiable information obtain thanks to the conversion tag matches the information it has in its database of the user logg in on YouTube Google can take that conversion to our account.

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Facilitating the attribution As you can see, it is a way that allows us, without compromising user data which is always encrypt to improve the quality of the measurement through the Google Ads pixel How to set up enhanc conversions in Google Ads List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers The first thing we must do is go, within Google Ads, to the conversions configuration section to accept the customer data terms The second step will be to go to the configuration of the specific conversion event on which we want to configure the improv conversions.

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