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Unlimited earnings and lack of competition between colleagues, as site owners are ready to work with a wide range of managers. The profession of traffic manager has become popular and in demand due to the fact that every day a lot of the same type of sites appear on the Internet channels, pages, stores, and the circle of users is relatively limite. As a result, there is a constant hunt for subscribers, users, followers. The main task of a traffic manager is to attract high quality subscribers to the resource he is working on, who will later become buyers. The work is carrie out using the tools of Yandex Direct, Google AdWords, MyTarget, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica.

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The income of a specialist is forme on the basis of personal qualification regional affiliation of the employer in large cities, the List of Mobile Phone Numbers salary of a dispatcher is much higher than in the provinces the nature of the site scope of work. Targetologist Advertising is neee to attract customers and still remains the main element of business development, including online business. Therefore, a few years ago, the profession of targeting appeare. Today, specialists in creating advertising in social networks and in general in the digital space are in great demand.

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The professional responsibilities of a targeting specialist include the following issues advertising on various. Internet sites increase the productivity of advertising campaigns implementation of the plan of advertising campaigns search for new traffic List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers sources user segmentation. The applicant is require to demonstrate practical skills in auto tuning and managing targete advertising on popular platforms Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, MyTarget. Content manager This profession appeare several years ago, and every site, every page on the Internet was born thanks to the work of content managers. Few people think that behind beautiful pictures, hot news, new contests, sweepstakes and heate discussions.

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