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Another way is to use internet monitoring tools that will do it for you. To start monitoring mentions about yourself, start with creating a project. At Brand24, we offer a 14-day free trial period during which you can follow what others say about you online. Internet monitoring tools These types of tools reach all public mentions of the indicat phrases, and collect them in one place. Such a phrase can be the name of a brand or product. Basically anything relat to your business. of finding opinions about you is done for you. What’s more – in addition to collecting mentions.

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Monitoring tools provide a number of data that allow you to assess the perception of the brand by the environment. Brand image – summary and database analysis of the results collect in Brand24 Find positive and negative posts about yourself. Test Brand24 for free for 14 days Automatic notifications To make brand monitoring more effective and your reactions to comments even faster, the tool has an alert function that informs you about new results. Depending on your preferences, you can choose.


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The type and frequency of receiving notifications. Thanks to this, you can be sure that no mention will escape your attention. How to take care of the brand image? – notification function in Brand24 Brand24 notification function Read more : Check out List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers the list of 10 tools to protect your company ‘s image on the Internet . Can brand image be measur? is perceiv is an important, often decisive element of the business strategy. It is difficult to succe without knowing the emotions and opinions of the environment about yourself and not adjusting your tactics on this basis. Researching one of the basic tasks and is important for several reasons.

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