Good Finnish-language WordPress themes

The best theme is GeneratePress. Speed, adaptability and usability are just right. top class in the theme. just with the Gutenberg block editor. If you want. You can install a separate graphic editor there (Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.), but I personally prefer WordPress’ own Gutenberg.

There is also a paid “Premium” add-on for GeneratePress. Which allows you to unlock additional functions, e.g. layout template library, more out-of-the-box editing options, more menu options.

Also a big plus in GeneratePress is the Elementhook section. Which allows you to build hook commands directly on the side of the WordPress dashboard. In this case, they do not need to be exported to the server separately.”

Axio Starter

Teemu: “I don’t know the best. Surely somewhere in the world there is a better theme than ours, but our own theme serves us well France Phone Number List at the moment. However, it is not in the public domain. However, there is a theme available on GitHub that our theme is based on, namely Axio Starter.

It is a very traditional theme for technology. PHP, ACF and the WordPress block editor are used. The developer is served by a build tool that works with Gulp. However, the theme does not have support for WordPress’ new Site Editor.

The lack of a Site Editor doesn’t bother us terribly, because we can easily make the necessary changes to the header and footer of the site by coding, and making these changes is often not a very significant part of the project’s working time.”

Good Finnish-language WordPress themes

Of course, the majority of Finns also know English very well, but there are still a lot of questions about specifically Finnish themes, so we also asked experts on the subject.

Unfortunately, very few themes are directly available in Finnish, although they can usually be translated relatively easily. On the other hand, speaking Finnish can sometimes even slow things down, as Niko Vittaniemi says in the answer.

If necessary, the theme can be translated into Finnish


Paulus: “This is a bit more difficult question, because quite a few themes are completely Finnish or completely translated into  List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers  Finnish. I personally prefer a theme that fits the need (e.g. Kadence or Hello Elementor), and if necessary, I translate the theme into Finnish with e.g.  add-on.”

Niko: “It’s worth considering that you can translate different sections of the theme into Finnish yourself, so it’s quite possible that the side visible to customers is in Finnish, but the administration itself is in English.

You can also participate in the translation of themes and add-ons, so-called using global translations as follows. See

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