When is a custom WordPress website

It makes sense to make a so-called prototype website at the beginning for a few months or six months. Then you realize that hey, this is a real need. And then you start thinking about a better and longer-term solution.” In the initial stages of the company. Good options for  Small blogs If you think of a blog first and foremost as a hobby. It may not make sense to invest thousands of euros in it. Sami: “Slightly smaller blogs definitely fall into the category of putting a preparation theme.

How much does it cost to implement

When there are more visitors to the blog, it is often not such a heavy site if you do it in a customized way. We all learned what is done Brazil Phone Number List in practice, let’s see with Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insight and in the test we have to get over 95 in terms of results.” Web developers developing WordPress websites. How much does it cost to implement a custom WordPress website? Of course, the price of different website implementations varies a lot depending on the type of implementation. Sami: “The level of customization is one important thing that determines the price. 3,000–5,000 € is actually the minimum for us, from which the implementations of the site start. If there are elements that are not special in any way, i.e. there will be a topical section, a text+picture place, lifting elements and so on, then it starts from this kind of budget.

A custom WordPress website


If there will be more versatile page templates and also several types of content, such as references, projects and List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers current affairs, i.e. the more comprehensive the site is, then you have to put in more budget. They are usually between €5,000 and €15,000.” How does building a custom WordPress site go? The construction of a customized website typically starts with some kind of ground work, which aims to understand the needs of the homepage. After that, we typically move on to designing the actual visual look, followed by entering the content. During or after entering the content, the site is still tested before publication. After the release at the latest, it is important to also agree on further development.

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