What is email marketing

These loyal customers are also more likely to explore and purchase new products or services from the company itself, as they already know the quality and reliability of the brand. To obtain all these advantages, relationship marketing makes use of specific strategies that fall within the so-called lead nurturing . The company’s investments are therefore lower while the ROI generated increases. Increased brand awareness and creation of Brand Advocates .

increase in brand reputation and awareness

A satisfied customer is inclined Pakistan Phone Number List to share the positive experiences with the company with their network of contacts, acting as a real (spontaneous) promoter of the brand . These loyal Japan Phone Number List customers become the company’s advocates, starting a positive and free word of mouth capable of significantly contributing to the . This translates into savings for the company, which does not have to invest excessively in advertising campaigns when the customers themselves take care of spreading the positive reputation of the brand.

segmentation of customers into groups organized


How relationship marketing works But how is a relationship marketing strategy developed in concrete terms? Taking List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers into account the primary objective of this approach, i.e. building customer  loyalty by satisfying their needs, the first step naturally coincides with the analysis and by interests, characteristics and behaviour. The use of a CRM represents the ideal solution for collecting as much data as possible on customers so as to be able to get to know them better and identify the right channel and the right message for each of them.

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