The theme of this workshop

The theme of this workshop. The provider has no access to the data in any way. Which is encrypt on your PC before it is sent online. If the site were hack and an attacker copy all the data. He would only obtain the encrypt version, impossible to decipher because the key to decrypt it does not physically reside on the servers. Decryption is impossible because you chose a good password, right? With I Drive youth both back up your computer and use a directory to synchronize in ways similar to other providers Dropbox, Google Drive, On rive, etc. The free space is gigabytes of backup gigabytes of sync folder.

App for the sales network

Paid plans it is very easy to find referral links. On Google to photo editing servies get discounts of up to % for the first year which becomes almost free . AND EMILI deals with strategic development and consultancy on digital channels. Interactions, sharing , encouraging its diffusion. The strategy has already been us successfully by. Casaleggio during the M S campaign. Regardless of political positions, it is clear that Barbara Douro style language tends to solicit a reaction from users. In my opinion, those who deal with political communication should strive to avoid the suction of divisive content.

The You AND EMILI workshop

The search for the enemy at all costs. Of simplicity that nullifies the List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers content. Silvio Berlusconi was the Marcel Duchamp of which the various are in some way the heirs. Final note My post is bas on transparency data made available by. Facebook following the controversy over the social network’s use of personal data and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. For those interest in learning more about the campaigns of the two candidates, here are We are now accustom to the announcement of pregnancies by web stars their children, with very few exceptions, subsequently enter the itorial plan and influence.

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