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For convenience, the training is divid into blocks. The first block contains detail instructions on how to create a website yourself. training course In the second block. You will find information on how to connect Yandex Metrica and set up advertising in Yandex Direct. The third block is devot to the creation of a multipage site and its optimization for search engines SEO. You can independently familiarize yourself with all the training blocks in the Course of Study section. it is important to note that each section of the training contains not only text instructions, but also detail video tutorials video instructions.

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Where to find website templates on the TOBIZ constructor In fact, you don’t have to go far just open the section with templates, the link to which is in the top menu. On the left of the page there are thematic sections more than that will help you navigate Turkey Mobile Number List the database of models. There are both free and paid models. Each model is available for preview. How to attract visitors to the event? Create an ucational landing page! Convenient itor Choose a template that suits you, add text, images, and you’ll have a great, high converting landing page in minutes.

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High conversion Conduct AB testing, get high conversions and maximum bids from your advertising budget landings creat Average conversion. Maximum conversion. Tens of thousands of applications per day. Wix is ​​probably one of the most popular website builders out there. At least, I often come across ads for this service on YouTube. Like Ucoz, this List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers website builder supports Russian. According to the developers of the platform, thanks to a convenient constructor, both a beginner starting from scratch and an experienc specialist will cope with the creation of a fullfl g website. Wix offers options for interacting with the platform Independent work in the itor, which allows you to build a site with your own hands literally from scratch.

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