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The teaching staff of certifie specialists. Flaws No Google Ads PPC Free Course by Livepage Duration hours. Certificate Training format lessons in the format of video lessons for free viewing. There are no reviews. But the author offers free detaile advice on the problem, and in return it is necessary to share the course on social networks. Learning Path This course will help you set up and run Google Ads on your own. The material is designe primarily for beginners who are just starting to enter this area. Also, the program will be useful for beginners and entrepreneurs who want to increase the effectiveness of advertising without depleting their budget.

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What are you learning Principles of setting up contextual advertising. How to properly budget. Keyword selection rules. Secrets of writing great ads. Useful tips for advertising in Google Ads. How to get into the TOP Google results. Professionals Maximum information in a short time. There are no complicate terms here, everything is explaine in Indonesia Mobile Number List simple language. You can get expert advice. Flaws Nobody About the author Pavel Khazov, Google Adwords Certifie Specialist, Head of Contextual Advertising at Livepage Marketing. “Google Adwords Lessons for Beginners by Yulia Kurilova and Pavel Khazov Duration lessons. Certificate Training format watching videoso homework or feeback is provide.

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Training program designe specifically for beginners. The course covers the basics of Google Adwords, the principles of creating ads and advertising campaigns. What are you learning How to prepare to launch an ad. Because advertising is sometimes negative. How to use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. Registration and account settings. Setting up List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers and using remarketing. Advantages Short and simple lessons. Quality content Informative and illustrative examples. Expert speakers. Flaws No About the authors Yulia Kurilova Google Adwords Consultant and Pavel Khazov Head of Livepage Contextual Advertising Department.

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