Further development and maintenance is easy

The server used by the site, the cache, and the number and size of various media files. Custom WordPress websites are often very high performance. Performance meter on the back of the computer. Further development and maintenance is easy. It is worth paying attention to the further development and maintenance of the website already during its implementation. So that the website serves the company for as long as possible. Sami: “When a customized website is done correctly, its life cycle can be very long. Of course, when technology develops at a really fast pace and there are always new things.

The business idea is still unpolished

But other suppliers will also be able to continue it. software in question. Because of this, keeping updates up-to-date is Belgium Phone Number List one of the most important things when it comes to the security of WordPress sites. Of course, from an information security point of view, it’s also good to take into account whether the selected theme is a popular theme that will receive updates. If it’s not very popular, there probably won’t be any more updates.  When is a custom WordPress website not the right solution?

How much does it cost to


Custom WordPress websites are suitable for many situations, but there are also a few situations where another solution can provide List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers a better end result. Small budget Sami: “The budget plays a significant role. If we start with a really small budget, it may be that a better result can be achieved with a ready-made solution. For example, if you are a startup company and the budget is really small, less than €1,000 or less than €2,000, it may be better to find a partner who can achieve more with that budget. Planning takes time, because a customized

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