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For a few months now, some digital newspapers have stopped providing free online news. Instead, they have chosen to offer a subscription service. The latest initiatives go further and consist of contracting services where the reader can choose the content that best suits their interests, and depending on their preferences they receive news via email. « The New York Times » launched an offer of these.


Characteristics at the end of

May and « Financial Times » has had it operational company data since October under the name «FT News Alert Challenge». However, despite the success achieved by both media, there are still those who maintain the free nature of this type of service, such as the economic magazine ” Forbes “, Google Newsa lerts, which since September has offered service in Spanish, or Yahoo . It has more than 20 employees and close to 30 clients, and is directed by Javier Bernad.


MAMI belongs to the Buongiorno

Vitaminic group which, in turn, was born from List of real mobile phone numbers the acquisition of Vitaminic at the beginning of the year. Currently, MAMI has carried out The Latest interactive digital marketing campaigns for more than half of the 20 largest advertisers in Spain. The Buongiorno Vitaminic group (Nuovo Mercato: BVIT).leader in Interactive Mobile Services, is the largest European company in the sector of creation, production and/or aggregation and distribution of multimedia content, especially in the field of services.

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