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That the main goal is to increase website traffic, encourage a potential customer to purchase specific products or use a given service and, consequently, increase sales conversion and gain profit. Banner advertising is a kind of sales lead generator. A well-prepard banner ad is a great promotional tool. Advertising banners placd in the right places on the web generate high reach and thus increase the company’s message on the market. They build its recognition and thus facilitate the implementation of marketing assumptions. A coherent message in the form of an interesting graphic advertisement naturally extends the company’s communication with the recipients.

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It is an element that builds its image and shapes relations with the target group. We recommend Brand recognition – how to take care of it? Banner ads are also a great way to remind the photo editor customer about yourself. We are talking about dynamic remarketing, personalizd banners showing specific products. These are activities addressd to those people who have already visitd a given online store, but for some reasons decidd not to take advantage of the offer. The goal of remarketing is to re-interest a potential customer with your brand and subtly persuade them to buy. What is the advantage of banner advertising on the web.

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In addition to the pleasant form, it is their measurability. You can easily check the effectiveness of a banner using the click-through rate CTR. The metric is calculatd by dividing the number of clicks by the number of ad impressions. The higher the CTR, the more effective the message. How to improve the ratio? What matters is who we show specific ads to, as well as how we prepard them. Who to display banners to? Defining and detaild List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers analysis of the target group has a huge impact on the final success of banner ads. Every marketer knows that the essence of effective marketing is to meet the nes of recipients and create messages that affect their emotions.

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