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Here’s what a mobile friendly cover looks like on a desktop Cover adapte for mobile version Cover adapte for mobile version Here’s what the same cover looks like in the mobile app PC cover size Cover size for PC x pixels PC cover size Card Product. Size by Product block Product Block The product block on the group page displays positions. You can be creative with them and do something generic. The size of the product sheet is by. Or any other square. Menu sizes The menu cover size is pixels. The visible part of the text up to characters, including spaces.

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If there are more than characters, some of the text will not be visible. Menu size Snippet. Size by A snippet is obtaine when you attach a link to a post. And that link forms an image below the post that you can click on. It looks like China Mobile Number List Fragment Fragment When I post an article on this site, I prepare an image for the article and a separate social meia snippet. The side is big. Size by Great side Great side Cover for VK community In some VK groups in, you may notice that there is no avatar. Instead, a full width lid is place. This is usually the band’s logo with a brief description. Or even advertising some events.

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Its dimensions should be x pixels. But if you create an image to fill the entire coverage area, it may not fully display on mobile devices. Therefore, it is recommende to create images that will have indents on all sides in the center. And even easier create List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers the main image like this x pixels. Then create a simple white background by placing the image on a white canvas in the x eitor. Group cover VKontakte group cover This can be done in any program, including the standard Paint in Windows.

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