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Now on the platform, users are guid by the following trends when shooting video We decorate with transitions. You can show your images through video like this. Use the popular transitions to make a video of how you go from home to glamorous evening wear in a second. Crying face effect. Such videos not only quickly gain views, but also make you laugh if the author thinks about it trendy tik tok design Male face effect. Also a sophisticat filter that makes you look like a man with a mustache, short beard and big eyebrows. It looks comical and also helps to act out scenes between a woman and a man when the author is left alone tik tok mask trend Video with food or recipes.

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It is popular in TikTok trends to show how users cook unusual dishes. It is also necessary to shoot strange food on Tiktoker tiktok food trend Movement on new tracks. Celebrities often shoot viral videos where they dance to their songs, and netizens repeat this. Recently it was fun to dance to Cardi B’s new WAP song tik tok dancing trend Denmark Cell Phone Number List object in the head. Here the person is plac on top of a box or vase in a shop. When he removes the object, he discovers that the second character in the video is also standing with something on his head tik tok joke trends.

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The transformation of appearance attracts attention, because in the course of a small video you can see noticeable changes. These videos show the results of losing weight or exercising compar to the original release tik tok trends Talking animals. The List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers clips use the effect that a human mouth puts on a cat with a smile mask. Tik Tok quotes or a catchy song are also add to make it look like the cat is talking or singing. If the text matches the actions of the cat, the reaction of the audience will be explosive talking cat on tik tok Use trends to differentiate your content from others. 

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