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The campaign also “touches” the advertising network. Ads can be displayed on thematic websites. In applications, in YouTube, Gmail and Discovery. Product Advertising PLA – standard Shopping campaign Product. Listing Ad is a standard, classic product campaign that uses. Google Merchant Center and is considered basic when. It comes to the development of online store sales. The Google Ads product campaign. Is one of the most effective sales campaigns offered by the advertising system. However, the quality of the website also matters here.

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Text Ad Offering a wide range of targeting options, a text campaign will work great as a tool to reach customers located in specific locations, looking for a specific product or group of products. You can use a specific keyword in your campaign. Remarketing campaigns Remarketing allows you to build brand awareness by re-engaging users who have Hungary Mobile Number List already interacted with your website. Campaigns are often more profitable than other ad formats because they target people who have already shown interest in your product or service, maximizing conversions. Reach campaigns in the advertising network Google Display Network GDN gives you the ability to target specific audiences who may not be actively searching for your products.

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These campaigns are often less expensive than search campaigns because the cost per click is usually much lower. The fee is charged for displaying the advertisement. Discovery Campaign The Discovery campaign can be the perfect complement to Performance Max. This format is entirely focused on reaching audiences who are not currently List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers actively looking for products from your offer, but who may be interested in them. Attractive visual ads will encourage such users to visit the store and consider buying in the future. How much does it cost to advertise on Google, on the Display Network? The use of this type of campaign should allow you to quickly generate a large volume of new sessions while maintaining an attractive cost per click.

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