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Neuromarketing focuses mainly on measuring three aspects of our behavior: The attention . The first mission of marketers is to capture the attention of consumers and direct it to the right place (for example, to the image of the product). In this case, eye tracking is very useful to analyze what is happening. The emotion . It is estimated that up to 80% of purchasing decisions are made impulsive ling. So our emotions play a very important role. , we can objectively measure emotional responses to different stimuli.

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The memory . Not only is it important to impact users with our product and get them to pay attention, we also have to get Mexico Phone Number List them to remember us. With these techniques, we can see which factors influence brand recall the most. The role of the brain in buying To better understand how neuromarketing works , it is convenient to know that three large areas of the brain are usually distinguished , and each of them has its role within the purchasing process: the most basic and simple purchase decisions.

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The limbic system is located in the midbrain, at a slightly more superficial level than the reptilian brain. Its main function is to control List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers our emotions, therefore, it is closely related to that 80% of impulsive purchase decisions. The cerebral cortex is the most superficial layer of our brain and the most recent at an evolutionary level. It is our most rational part, which is responsible for objectively assessing the advantages and disadvantages

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