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In a first comparison with the different products. We will see a label in the upper left corner detailing the discount. Once inside, in the comparison of products that share. EAN, we can see it on the top right along with the price. And shipping information and, again, next to a label that highlights the discount. And, also, below, in the comparison itself, where the promotion information will appear in the Details and special offers column and the discount will be highlight with a label just above the price The display of this discount changes over time, but since Google Merchant Promotions was launch.

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All the changes have been aim at giving them more and more coverage. As you can see in the different images, having these extensions configure. In our product listing ads is key to making our products stand out. At the KPI level, you are going to see how the CTR improves considerably even in those products where we are not price leaders Setting Looks Australia Mobile Number List good, huh. Well, configuring them is super simple. Now, as always with Google, they give us the chance to spin very fine and do very cool things The first thing to do is, logically, activate the program.

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We will have to go to Growth Manage programs. Promotions and make sure that we have it enable Set up Google. Merchant Promotions directly in Google Merchant. We will have to go to the menu on the left and select. Marketing Promotions and add a new one. Select country, language and currency. Destination of the promotion. Promotion category We have four List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers types discount amount Discount rate Gift Free shipping Select discount amount/percentage, gift description or free shipping conditions Optionally, we can select the minimum purchase amount for the promotion to be applicable Title of the promotion It is the most important element.

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