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This module is intend for those who know how to work with code. You have the ability to create your own databases, add your own codes, etc. Features of the Wix Builder Creation of a modern blog website. Connecting m ia gallery. Optimization for mobile devices. Creation of online stores. Personal domain name. SEO optimization option. Create onepage pages from scratch by iting special templates. Free and reliable hosting. Unlimit number of pages on the site. Ability to download video and audio files. Ability to emb external HTML codes. Billing Site statistics.

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Host on your domain support ucational materials creating a website in steps Create your own logo for free One of the extra features available in Wix is ​​creating your own logo. To create a logo, just answer a few questions and the system will suggest a design for you. You can always change the finish version color, size, text and customize the logo for Paraguay Mobile Number List your brand. If necessary, the logo can be download and us outside of the Wix platform. On request uniform printing. Free domain and hosting I know that users are often looking for a website builder with a free domain and hosting.

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In this case Wix is ​​the perfect option for you. By default, you get free hosting and a domain for year when you pay one of the developer’s fees. In this case, the domain name can be register through the Wix platform. If you already have a register List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers domain and want to connect it to your Wix site, you can do it in just two clicks. Email is creat on your own domain. Wix Pricing Tariffs for Wix are divid into categories for websites and for companies, and for ecommerce online stores. In my opinion, the prices on the site are very affordable. For example, the basic tariff costs only rubles per month rates for sites For Business and online stores prices.

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