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Direct Launch Strategy From it you will learn about profitable advertising strategies, ways to attract more buyers at a lower price. As a specialist, it is easy to make money from this guide. Learn everything by heart. Test with an affiliate program or any product. This is how you attract customers with good results. The textbook costs rubles. Internet Marketing GeekBrains The textbook is suitable for those who do not know what to do with their knowlege after graduation. The online university promises to work with itself or with partners. In addition, you will be awarde a diploma. During your studies, you will also complete projects.

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There is a block specific to Direct. But here you will learn all marketing from scratch. And that’s social meia and web analytics. So after graduation, you can work in any of the specialties or even combine online seller, advertising mailing, traffic manager, Content manager. A month will cost, rubles. Indicators of the effectiveness of advertising from Estonia Mobile Number List Yandex Duration lessons. Certificate n. Training format independent work with theoretical material. Curriculum The goal of the course is to help users learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of running ads. Suitable for marketers, advertising agency employees, small and meium business owners.

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What are you learning What is conversion and how does it relate to ad performance. Ways to increase conversion. How to optimize ad spend. Using the ROI report. The relationship between LTV and advertising effectiveness. Advantages Short but useful course. Structure material on the topic. I will give real examples. Flaws No Huge cost List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers and length of the course. I am very worrie about the price of the course. And it’s amazing that he cares about me, and not about those people who are going to buy paid programs. Are these people confuse by the exorbitant cost of the eucational program.

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