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Quick start from a tester with an excellent background Lyubov Popova. The popular online university Geekbrains offers a number of different study programs. Training for manual tests can be done on the LE TUE SKILLS portal. The profession of a tester is offere for mastering QA Marathon Skillbox teaches the profession of a novice tester Netology organizes interviews at Alfa Bank for the best students. By the way, a little trick if you still decide to learn the basics on your own all universities publish study programs in the public domain. You can choose the one you like the most and use it in your self study process.

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If you have mastere the baggage describe in the article, you can apply for starting positions in the profession. Juno testers do simple jobs and learn a lot to take them to the next level of research. To do this, you must definitely have a preparation plan, and then you can become an intermeiate tester or even a technical leader of the QA team, but that’s Jamaica Mobile Number List another story. And how much can you earn on software testing? On freelancing, that is, on crowdfunding platforms, focus on the amount from to dollars per month. As I wrote above, the “trick mainly depends on the quantity and quality of the errors found.

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That is, you can often work, work and get butter cookies. Although sometimes there is freelance work with payment for the work and not for the errors found. But if you go to work in the state, then there are already more serious salaries data for now List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers in Russia For manual testers Specialist level Average salary Trainee. Trainee RUB, Junior Junior rub middle rub. Age people RUB, Conduct RUB, For automate testing specialists Specialist level Average salary Trainee. Trainee rubles Junior Junior RUB, middle RUB Age people RUB, Conduct rubles So, everything is in your hands.

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