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Footballer with the most followers th place. National Geographic million most popular accounts by category Beauty bloggers Presenters, Television / radio, show business Video bloggers Doctors Design and illustrations, photographers, artists Food / food blogger Health and healthy lifestyle, athletes, fitness Celebrities Politicians Entrepreneurs Psychology Travelers Family and Children Stylists dancers Culture and art Fashion Recipes Interests and hobbies th place Justin Bieber young pop singer th place. Neymar million Top foreign accounts by the number of followers on Instagram th place Irina Shayk is a supermodel popular on Instagram th place.

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Taylor Swift million th place Mikhail Galustyan Russian comedian from KVN rd place. Cristiano Ronaldo th place Kylie Jenner business woman and model from Instagram th place. Khloe Kardashian million th place Beyonce R’n’B-singer and producer th place Neymar Da Silva footballer th place Kim Kardashian popular fashion model th place. Miley Kenya Mobile Number List million. Honorable second place rating Selena Gomez th place Vera Brezhneva a singer loved by subscribers st place official Instagram company profile th place. Nike million th place. Jennifer Lopez million place. Selena Gomez th place. Nicki Minaj million Sixth place is shared by “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson and Kaylee Jenner.

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The most popular Instagram accounts in Russia No. Khatib Nurmagomedov Olga Buzova Nastya Ivleeva No. Ksenia Borodina No. Timati No. Pavel Volya No. Egor Creed No. Oksana Samoilova No. Gohar Avetisyan Eighth place Justin Bieber rd place Timati co-founder of the Black Star label th place Ksenia Borodina a famous TV presenter with a large List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers number of subscribers Seventh place Taylor Swift st place Khabib Nurmagomedov fighter, top blogger from Russia Ninth place Neymar Last in the top five Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian Outrageous Nicki Minaj closes the top ten th place. Justin Bieber million nd place. Ariana Grande th place Anastasia Samburskaya actress from the TV series Univar th place Dwayne.

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