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The fact that it’s worth it is more than certain. But what are the specific reasons why optimizing an online store should also include improving page spe. Conversion rate and bounce rate After all, your customers may particularly like your store, and therefore they will be happy to wait until the page is fully load. Unlikely right. And what about new customers. They chose your site from many, your chances of finding what they are looking for are now really high. Unfortunately, with each subsequent second of waiting for the page to load, they decrease. Until finally, the potential client decides to look for happiness with someone else.

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The customer this is the simplest and most important reason why it is worth getting interest in the topic and implementing solutions that spe up the website. Page spe can greatly affect your conversion rate as well as your bounce rate. Also because a page that loads slowly gives the impression of… unprofessional. Especially in an online store where the customer Benin Mobile Number List plans to make a payment, the fear of the site crashing at an important moment in the process may decide to leave our store. Loading a website on mobile The quality of adapting a website to mobile devices is a much broader topic, so let’s focus only on spec.

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In the case of smartphones or tablets, page loading spe is even more important than for desktop results. Research shows that for online stores, even a one second delay in loading mobile devices can affect mobile conversions by up to %. Is your website frequently List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers visit from mobile devices. This is another argument. OHbJy.jpg For every second that a website loads, the e commerce conversion rate drops by. On average. source blog analytics research site spe hurting everyones revenue.html Page loading spe and indexing Interestingly, Google crawlers are also impatient. Low page spe can cause delays in its indexing.

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