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They can be an alternative to SEO activities, but most often these two areas are combined. What is the main advantage of a PPC campaign? These are primarily immediate results in the form of traffic and sales. What do Google Ads costs depend on? How much advertising on Google formerly AdWords campaign costs depends on their purpose and where they are displayed. There are cases when one click may cost only a few pennies, and on the other hand – there are examples of industries where you have to pay from a dozen to even several dozen zlotys for a click on an advertisement.

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If you would like to run a text campaign that will direct a potential customer to the “Ski goggles” category in an online store, you will pay from click. On the Honduras Mobile Number List other hand, by offering roadside assistance services, you will pay much more for a single click CPC rates start at and the upper limit is approx. PLN for one click. Cost per-click for phrases related to the phrase “ski goggles”, based on Google Keyword Planner. Cost per click for phrases related to “roadside assistance  Google Keyword Planner Which Google Ads to choose.

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The Google Ads advertising campaign you should choose should depend on your marketing assumptions and budget. The best way to determine which type of advertising is optimal for you is to consider your goals, target audience, budget and the types List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers of products or services you offer. Performance Max advertising The Performance Max campaign will allow you to automatically reach people who enter queries related to the store’s offer in the Google search engine. The campaign displays both text and product ads, allowing you to maximize the number of conversions. An example of a Performance Max campaign display In addition to advertising in the search network.

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