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In the rule we select the option to disable ads and add these two conditions By adding two conditions in this case, ads will not be disabl if both conditions are not met automat rules in Facebook Ads Increase daily budget bas on ROAS If our campaigns are working well and are getting a good return, why not boost them automatically? To do this, we can create a rule that increases the budget if we exce certain ROAS values We can establish that each day the budget is increas by when the ROAS is greater than automat rules in Facebook Ads Ruse budget when frequency is greater.

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Than Finally we share a useful rule to control the frequency with which we impact users, nobody likes to see the same ad all the time For this we can create a rule to ruce the budget by of a set of ads when the frequency exces automat rules in Facebook Hong Kong Phone Numbers List Ads Are you going to put these rules into practice? What rules do you use in your Facebook Ads campaigns? Tell us through our LinkIn For any other question or through our contact form, we will be happy to help you Catalog of Meta products or how to increase the level of performance on the platform.

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Table of Contents Support Formats for Product Fe on Facebook Creation of School Fes Mandatory attributes that we must include in the data fe Why do you ne a Facebook Ads catalogue? Tips to get the most out of the meta product catalog We have List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers already talk about the types of audiences in Meta , the bidding strategies , the clicks on the platform a highly recommend post if you find it difficult to understand the results that Facebook returns and a lot of other topics, if you are interest in publicity on social networks you can not miss In this new chapter.

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