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Table of Contents Support Formats for Product Fe on Facebook. Creation of Schul Fes Mandatory attributes that we must include in the data fe. Why do you ne a Facebook Ads catalogue. Tips to get the most out of the meta product catalog. We have already talk about the types of audiences in Meta the bidding strategies. The clicks on the platform a highly recommend post if you find it difficult to understand the results that. Facebook returns and a lot of other topics, if you are interest in publicity on social networks you can not miss.

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In this new chapter we are going to talk about the Meta product catalog and I can tell. You in advance that we are not going to leave anything out First of all, you should know that it is a Meta functionality that allows you to show and sell your products in a simpler way from Facebook and/or Instagram The catalog collects the main information of the products Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List of an ecommerce In short, it would be similar to a product fe in Google Merchant Center, without the ne for another platform to manage it, since it is done from the Facebook Business Manager interface itself, in the Catalog.

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Manager I say it’s similar to the Google Merchant Center product fe because yes, we can create rules Of course, you must be the administrator of the catalog for this, but this information is for another blog post, if you want to investigate, we share here the List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers Meta support link forCreate rules in the product fe Going back to the Meta product catalog, our friends from Facebook support show you how to create the catalog Support Formats for Product Fe on Facebook Now that you know how to create a product catalog, you should know a couple of more technical things about them.

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