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These publications are free access and you can download them in .pdf format. The itorial collection has categories such as literature, communication, law, science and technology, art, ucation, sociology, philosophy, micine, economics, administration, linguistics, history, archaeology, among others. To access this list of parts click on the following link . UNMSM-itorial-fund itorial Fund of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) In this virtual library you will find works of books publish by the PUCP to download from the comfort of your laptop or other mobile device.

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Acquire more than 877 works offer by the itorial Fund. You will be able to access books on journalism, sports, anthropology, communications, accounting, physics, psychology , theology and religion, history, politics, chemistry, geography, physics and astronomy. The repository collects materials of scientific, historical, cultural and academic value that were produc or financ by the Pontifical Catholic University business lead of Peru. itorial-Fund-of-the-Pontifical-Catholic-University-of-Peru VIRTUAL LIBRARY OF THE BBVA FOUNDATION The BBVA Foundation fund also makes a series of works available for free download in .pdf format. You can find great classics of Peruvian literature by authors such as César Vallejo, Ricardo Palma, Franklin Pease, among others.

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Enter the virtual library at this link . Virtual-libraries-BBVA-foundation OTHER LIBRARIES IN SPANISH Alexandria This is a portal where you can download public domain books. Download the works of different authors such as Rubén Darío, Miguel Unamuno, Jorge Luis Borges, César Vallejo, Julio Cortázar, among others. Its collection has more than 1,450 pieces by 289 different authors and you can acquire List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers it for free and without registration. Download the classics for both .pdf, ePub or Mobi formats. Discover our list of tools and applications that we recommend so that you can carry out your schoolwork without problems.

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