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The content consumers are also satisfie with this.  They receive a quick and efficient answer. But it is precisely the combination of automation with people that ensures success. Human versus technology Where we were ‘afraid’ for a long time that the automation of processes by bots would lead to less human contact, we can now say that the combination of people and technology ensures success. Showing sympathy and empathy is still an important task and adde value of the human webcare agent. There are plenty of situations conceivable in which real human contact makes the difference: from incident management to personal advice.

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This does not alter the fact that a chatbot can be a valuable addition to the team that now operates on webcare. A smart design of a webcare tool, in combination with a thorough webcare photo editor strategy, is often aime at enabling the webcare team to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Correct design ensures that all channels are presente in one overview, complete and relevant searches are set up and agents can easily collaborate. In the webcare strategy you determine, among other things. Which tone of voice you use, how you deal with complaints and compliments.

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Which channels you use and the role of automation. In addition to spee and quality, the application of bots and AI for webcare is especially interesting because of the efficiency aspect. Also read: How chatbots can communicate with a human voice As a virtual employee, bots take over simple tasks from service employees or the webcare team. Bots can quickly answer easy questions or can do preparatory work, such as requesting customer data. Simple List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers tasks. Such as updating CRM systems and tagging messages. Can also be performe by a chatbot. Personalize chatbots.

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