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Green Connecting time requir to create a connection. Between server and host R sending time taken to send the request to the server. Purple waiting waiting time for the server to generate a response. Gray Receiving the time it takes for the browser to download the response. There are also vertical lines on the chart that indicate when certain milestones. Have been reach while the page is loading. Here’s what each color means Green line First Concertful Paint the moment when the first element on the page is render Blue line DOM Load when the DOM object is fully load R line.

The Page Code And Delay The Loading

Onload the site and its elements have been download and are being process by the browser Purple line – page fully load What page spe is right for you. Okay, you already know the basic tools, probably your page spe analysis is ready and you know how Bulgaria Mobile Number List fast your website loads. How fast should it load. Generally speaking, it is recommend that the page load spa does not exec seconds. However, the basic Internet metrics, i.e. Core Web Vitals, tell us more about this topic, which more precisely define Basic internet metrics Largest Concertful Paint an indicator that measures the loading performance of a website.

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Of All Non Critical Jest Files And Styles

For the best user experience, the LCP should not excel. seconds from the moment the link is click. First Input Delay FID – an indicator that measures the interactivity and responsiveness of the website. FID illustrates how quickly the user can start using the List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers page bookmarks or links and should be a maximum of milliseconds. Cumulative Layout Shift an indicator us to measure the visual stability of the page. Allows you to determine how often users experience sudden movements of site elements. It is recommend to keep the indicator at a level of up to.

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