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Make the most appeared as a guest in various articles interviews and lectures for example at universities. You can learn more about how I prepare content in my article: Step-by-Step Methods for Writing Engaging Articles Not Just for . Each subpage of title should have a unique page title of approximately characters. This is how you tell users and search engines what you’re about. It would be great if you included a key phrase at the beginning. This is a very short but extremely important tag that often determines whether a user will visit your site as it affects click-through rate (click-to-impression ratio in ). The title is set automatically but in the plugin you can define it manually.

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Below the text editor you’ll find options to customize the title and description tags. You can benefit greatly if you check the content in the results for a given keyword in advance and highlight your title in some way. When you paste a link in social media Photo Retouching it will automatically download the title tag which will also have a significant impact on its click-through rate in that channel. Title tags are also visible in the browser window. Site Description Just like the title tag, the description for each subpage should be unique. It is approximately characters long so you have more room to convince potential internet users to visit your website. Think of it as an advertising venue.

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It’s longer but smaller and I think it attracts much less attention but it also has an impact on click-through rates. Remember that it doesn’t have to follow the title and description tags you define and can choose what it thinks best describes it from List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers your tags. Structured Data With structured data you can also make it stand out in the results depending on the type of website you run. For example, for an online store you can display photo breadcrumbs price availability rating number of comments for a blog publish date breadcrumb rating voting data said click-through rate for results that contain structured data can be increased.

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