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She has the largest number of subscribers. Kylie Jenner Subscribers million The fifth most popular account belongs to another star with multiple roles Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian star family. Starting with a modeling career, Kylie quickly conquered television, and then proved to be a very successful business woman. Advertising on Kylie Jenner’s huge account is considered one of the most expensive. Selena Gomez Subscribers million On the sixth line of the best Instagram accounts of, cuties with Mexican roots and a charming voice are singer Selena Gomez.

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Justin Bieber’s former Instagram crush is only slightly lower in popularity than Kylie at million to. No. Kim Kardashian Subscribers million Kim Kardashian is a brilliant ideal, which is equal to all the girls in the world who dream of becoming Latvia Mobile Number List socialites. Although half of the more than two hundred million subscribers of the star, most likely, men, greedy for luxurious forms. No. Lionel Messi Subscribers million One of the few who can compete with Ronaldo for the title of the best football player in the world is, of course, the Argentine magician Lionel Messi. He has a little less sporting merit, although in terms of the number of subscribers.

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Messi is significantly lower than the Portuguese. No. Beyoncé Subscribers million Not bad for followers and R’n’B queen singer Beyoncé. His fans enjoy it as much as they listen to the tracks, so Instagram’s celebrity list is unlikely to move off the celebrity list in the foreseeable future. Justin Bieber Subscribers million Justin Bieber is no longer the pretty List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers boy who conquered YouTube and the hearts of schoolgirls with his pop songs. Although the singer’s career has slowed down a little, and he himself has married and settled down, his Instagram account remains one of the most popular. nd place Olga Buzova TV presenter, actress, singer According to numerous sources in Russian Instagram, the singer, TV presenter and stylist Olga Buzova has been in the lead for a long time.

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