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Beginners with little experience can count on a salary of to thousand rubles, interns and assistants from thousand rubles. After years of work, the salary can grow to thousand rubles. Experienced specialists earn thousand rubles. A salary of more than thousand rubles can be obtained with extensive work experience or holding a managerial position. For example, the income of the head of the SMM department can reach thousand rubles per month. Average salaries in SMM for different professions Specialization Average salary, from pcs SMM manager, rubles Specialized assistant trainee group moderator rubles.

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Targetologist, rubles Community Director, rubles When freelancing, income is made up of the number of projects performed by a specialist and the budget for each order. For example, creating an advertising campaign can cost from thousand rubles, and Namibia Mobile Number List turnkey SMM from thousand rubles or more. On average, a freelancer can earn times more than his office counterpart with the same level of knowledge and experience. If you decide to become an SMM manager from scratch, you can first do an internship with an agency. As you gain experience, take on part time freelance work. If you can earn more on free bread, then leave the office and open your own agency.

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How to start a career in SMM? First of all, a novice specialist must gain experience in an agency or on the client side. That is, to find a job in the office or remotely, but already in the state. A newcomer will not immediately be accepted for a large salary. But List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers there are several ways to get a job even if you have no experience Take courses that offer internships. This is a good opportunity to test yourself. Get a start up position with a small salary, but the opportunity to gain experience. For example, assistant, moderator in a large community. So grow within the team that hires you. Many large companies offer candidates to take tests.

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