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In this Skillbox course, learn how to attract followers, warm up and build audience loyalty, and sell stories. Suitable for Beginners who want to master the profession of Storymaker, SMM specialists, bloggers, content managers, entrepreneurs. What is includ in the course modules + diploma introduction to the profession positioning of personal brand and corporate brand in stories development of a strategy and content plan direct content creation how to shoot, what to shoot, techniques, formats and features visual packaging of stories creation of corporate identity storytelling how it works + how to write storytelling scripts stories as a marketing tool how the sales funnel works in Stories real case analysis prepare like an expert.

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As a result, students receive a Skillbox degree, the professional skills of a story maker from defining a brand mission and preparing a content plan to creating images and a sales funnel. Teachers Irina Soloshina founder of the Solo Agency blogging agency, Vladimir Soloshin founder of the IN ADVERT Internet marketing agency, Ilyana Levina Pakistan Mobile Number List Marketing Director of Skobeev and Partners. The duration of the course is months. The cost is, rubles or, at a discount, there is an installment plan for months. Profession Instagram Marketer by Skillbox TOP courses on Instagram.

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A complete course on Instagram from A to Z. After training, you will be able to take orders and earn money by promoting other people’s profiles. Or bring more sales to your business if you are already a manager and are already promoting on Instagram. Suitable for people people who want to master the requir profession. As well as current SMM List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers professionals who want to improve their Instagram direction. And for entrepreneurs who want to promote themselves on Instagram. What is includ in the course modules, lessons promotion on Instagram Influencer Marketing Manager creative copywriting for social networks bonus course in photoshop graduation projects.

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