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Table of Contents What are Google Merchant Promotions? Where and how are they display? Setting Set up Google Merchant Promotions directly in Google Merchant Set up Google Merchant Promotions through a promotions fe If Google Merchant Promotions fall short for you, you can keep reading As we have already mention on numerous occasions, Google Shopping is the main channel for attracting payment traffic for any type of multi brand eCommerce Thus it seems logical to think that it is also the main showcase to cover the different promotions and offers.

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That are carri out in them If you remember, some time ago we wrote an article in which we told you how we could give visibility to coupons and promotions on this network Today we want to investigate a little more in the first of the options, the so call Google Merchant Promotions What are Google Merchant Promotions? Google Merchant Promotions UK Mobile Number List are a feature that allows us to display discount coupons along with product listing ads Since they exist, they are, without a doubt, one of the key elements to make our ads stand out vs those of the competition Where and how are they display.

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Google Merchant Promotions can be display on both the SERP and the Shopping tab In the SERP, they appear within the different product tabs immiately after the name of the website and with the text Special Offer Clicking on this extension opens a pop up where more information about the promotion will be display and, most importantly, the corresponding List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers discount code In the Shopping tab, they can appear in many ways In the ad carousel, Google Merchant Promotions will appear in exactly the same format as in the SERP However, in the part of the free chips they appear at various times and in very different ways.

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